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An exceptionally rare deep salmon-pink faceted Väyrynenite gemstone from the Skardu district of Pakistan.

Väyrynenite is a Manganese Beryllium Phosphate Hydroxide mineral, with chemical formula Mn2+Be(PO4)(OH,F) and is named for the Finnish mineralogist and geologist Named for Heikki Allan Väyrynen (1888-1956) who first identified it in 1954.

Apart from its extreme rarity, with gems over 0.20 carats being very scarce, it is highly prized for its pinkish-orange-red tones, a colour combination usually associated with Padparadscha (lotus blossom) Sapphires.

The gem on offer here has an exceptionally saturated colour for the species and good clarity for a gem of its size.

weight:  1.29 carats
shape:   Emerald cut
dimensions:   7.58 x 4.72 x 4.26 mm
treatment:  None


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Väyrynenite, faceted, Pakistan. 1.29 carats.

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