Synthetic Rutile, steel-grey blue, faceted. 3.00 carats.

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A scintillating lab-created (synthetic Rutile) gemstone created by the  Czochralski pulling method in Russia. 

Rutile occurs in nature and is a mineral composed of titanium oxide (TiO2).
The synthetic analogue is noted for its dispersion, lustre and very high refractive index (2.613-2.909)

The gem displays the extreme dispersion (0.28) associated with this gem variety which was originally created as a diamond imitant.
As a consequence,most synthetic Rutile is colourless, although dopants were added to the flux to produce more colourful gems like this one.

weight:  3.00 carats
shape:  Modified trillion cut
dimensions:   9.00 x 8.32 x 5.34 mm