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A synthetic Alexandrite gemstone, lab-created using the Czochralski pulling method, with a colour-change effect from purple-blue in daylight (images 1 and 2) to an intense red in incandescent light (images 3 and 4).

Not to be confused with the far more common Alexandrite-like synthetic Sapphires produced by the relatively inexpensive flux-fusion, or Verneuil method, these flux-grown gems were created in Russia in the 1970's and early 1980's and are true synthetic beryllium aluminum oxide colour-change Alexandrites with both physical and optical properties that match the natural counterpart.

A rare man-made gemstone for the connoisseur.

weight:  1.65 carats
shape:   Heart shape faceted
dimensions:  7.19 x 6.95 x 4.59 mm



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Synthetic Alexandrite, faceted. 1.65 carats.

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