Quartz cabochon with blue Gilalite inclusions, Brazil. 3.93 carats. ** SOLD **

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** SOLD **

A cabochon of colourless Quartz from Paraiba state, Brazil with a multitude of copper-rich blue Gilalite inclusions.

The vivid blue inclusions are scattered through the transparent Quartz host and are clearly visible to the naked eye.
Under even low magnification, such as a x10 magnifier, the characteristic radial, fibrous structure of the Gilalite crystals come to life.

The hemispheres of Gilalite have caused stress fractures within the host Quartz which causes the attractive iridescence in this gem (see magnified image 4).

weight:  3.93 carats
shape:   Triangular table cut, bevelled edges.
dimensions:  14.71 x 13.32 x 4.14 mm
treatment:  None