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A Diamond cabochon from Marange, Zimbabwe with an unusual inclusion.

The ghost-like, grey-black form held in the colourless Diamond has a six-rayed pattern, similar to the trapiche features seen in other gem varieties, but which cannot be referred to as such due to Diamonds cubic crystal habit.
The term "Asteriated" may be a more appropriate description.

Rather, they are due to hydrogen lattice deformities coupled with graphite impurities which are aligned with the growth phases of the host Diamond.
The stone has been cleaved and sympathetically polished with narrow facets at its edges to show the pattern of this rare and unusual feature.

Image 9 is a magnified view of the centre of the inclusion, demonstrating the linear, radiating banded structure emanating from a colourless central core.

To see a short video of this remarkable stone on YouTube, please use this link:

Please note that this thin and delicate specimen should be handled with care.

weight:  0.55 carat
shape:   Natural cleaved crystal with faceted edges
dimensions:   12.00 x 9.31 x 0.38 mm
treatment:  None


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"Pseudo-trapiche" Diamond cabochon, Zimbabwe. 0.55 carat . (Video)

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