Multicolour Tourmaline, var: Fluor-Lidicoatite, faceted, Madagascar. 1.12 carats. ** SOLD **

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** SOLD **

Recognised as a separate species in 1977, Liddicoatite is one of the rarest members of the Tourmaline group.

Characterised by dense bands of intense colours it was originally thought to be Elbaite. It is named for the reknowned gemmologist Richard T. Liddicoat and is distinct from Elbaite due to the prescence of Calcium in place of Sodium.

This fine example with a band of bright pink sandwiched between two bluish-green colour zones is from Fianarantosa, Madagascar.

weight:  1.12 carats.
shape:  Emerald cut
dimensions:  8.88 x 4.93 x 2.99 mm
treatment:  None