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A lab-created Lithium Niobate gemstone.

Marketed under the name "Linobite", it was created primarily for use in the optics industry and for its piezoelectric properties.
Single-crystal Lithium Niobate
was briefly considered a viable Diamond imitation due to its high refractive index (2.21-2.30) and its extreme dispersion (fire) at 0.100.

This entirely made-made material consists of Niobium, lithium, and oxygen (chemical formula LiNbO3).
It has no natural analogue mineral and is created using the Czochralski-pulled method.
One factor which worked against it as a diamond simulant is its hardness, measuring just 5 to 5.5 on Moh's scale.
It crystallises in the trigonal system and has a specific gravity of 4.64.

Very few faceted gems of this historic Diamond simulant are commercially available today.
This large gem has been master cut in the US and displays the extreme optical properties of fire and lustre to full effect.

weight:  10.33 carats
shape:   Modified multi-faceted step cut
dimensions:   13.23 x 8.20 x 7.49 mm
treatment:  Not applicable


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Lithium Niobate, colourless faceted. 10.33 carats.

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