Lipari Obsidian, aka Cosmic Obsidian, faceted, Italy. 3.89 carats.

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A rare, fully faceted gemstone of translucent Lipari Obsidian, also known as 'Cosmic Obsidian'.

This attractive natural glass comes from the island of Lipari in Italys volcanic region.

The black volcanic glass is studded with white and cream coloured crystal inclusions of Cristobalite, an associated mineral which is formed in high temperature environments.

In the centre of each Cristobalite sphere, tiny flecks of golden metallic Pyrite can be seen, as demonstrated in image 4 (taken under magnification).

weight:  3.89 carats
shape:   Trillion cut
dimensions:  13.60 x 12.80 x 5.93  mm
treatment:  None

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