Hibonite, faceted, Myanmar. 0.69 carat.

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An extremely rare transparent Hibonite gemstone from Mogok, Myanmar.

Hibonite is a mamber of the Magnetoplumbite group, chemical composition (Ca,Ce)(Al,Ti,Mg)12O19 with a hardness of 7.5-8.0 and specific gravity of 3.84.

It was first discovered in 1953 in Madagascar by Paul Hibon, a French prospector, after whom it is named.
It has, since then, been considered one of the rarest and most sought-after minerals on the planet.
Gem-quality specimens are very scarse, with most specimens are an opaque dark brown to black colour.

The few faceted examples of this gemmological rarity are usually cut shallow due to the platy, tabular crystal habit of the rough material, which results in rather lifeless gems.
Not so in this exceptional transparent gemstone, which has a bright orange-brown body colour and has plenty of internal reflection and a lively appearance.
At 0.69 carats it is way above the average weight for a faceted Hibonite, with most examples coming in at well under 0.50 carats.

With a refractive index close to the limits of conventional refractometers (1.79-1.807) this gem was independantly tested using EDXRF to confirm its identity.

weight:  0.69 carat
shape:  Cushion shape faceted
dimensions: 5.80 x 4.48 x 3.12 mm
treatment:  None

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