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A bright green Fluorite gemstone from the Frazer's Hush mine, Rookhope, Weardale, County Durham, England.

The gem has been very well cut, with generous proportions accentuating its saturated colour while giving it a lively appearance.

Its most attractive property is its fluorescent quality.
When exposed to long or shortwave UV illumination the gem glows with a striking lavender-blue fluorescence, as shown in image 4.
The phenomenon is also visible in strong direct daylight.

Gem quality Fluorite from the Weardale area, with its characteristic strong fluorescence, is highly coveted by mineral collectors and as a consequence are not often found in faceted form.
This is a fine example of a very collectible mineral gemstone from from a renowned source.

weight:  7.75 carats
shape:   Oval cut
dimensions:   13.91 x 10.60 x 7.89 mm
treatment:  None


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Fluorite, green faceted, fluorescent, County Durham, England. 7.75 carats.

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