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The flame fusion, or Verneuil method is a simple and cost-effective way of creating synthetic Corundum, resulting in  bottle-shaped forms known as "Boules".

They are usually split down their length before faceting, as is the case of this lab-created Pink Sapphire.

The process results in relatively large, optically pure specimens originally intended for use in the production of early laser technology but have subsequently used extensively as a cheap alternative for natural Sapphire and Ruby in jewellery.

These boules are usually cut into gems and are not commonly found in their original state.

weight:  108.40 carats
shape:   Characteristic split Boule
dimensions:  42.07 x 20.63 x 10.73 mm


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Flame fusion (Verneuil method) synthetic Pink Sapphire, split boule. 108.40 carats.

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