Copal Resin cabochon (palmstone), Madagascar. 20.85 grams.

Product code: AMCO102

Product information

A substantial double-sided cabochon of Copal Resin from Madagascar.

Sometimes referred to as "immature Amber", the resin is formed in the same way, but is geologically younger than true Amber, having been formed some tens of thousands of years ago.

Clearly visible within this large specimen are a series of tiny enhydros (water filled bubble-cavities) and what appears to be a twig or sprig with delicate petals attached to its end.

weight:  20.85 grams
shape:  Double-sided cushion shape cabochon / palmstone
dimensions:   51.71 x 38.50 x 17.77 mm
treatment:  None


Technical specifications

Product Code AMCO102
Weight 0.02kg


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