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A lustrous Cerussite gemstone from the Kombat mine, Tsumeb, Namibia with excellent transparency and extreme dispersion (fire).

Cerussite is a lead carbonate mineral with chemical formula PbCO3 classified and named in 1845 from the Latin 'Cerussa' meaning "white lead" and is an important lead ore.

Transparent, colourless single-crystal gemstones like this one are rare, their lead content being responsible for a dispersion greater than that of Diamond.

This superb example of the species was precision cut in Italy, with its relatively small table and exaggerated rear and side facets enhancing its natural spectral dispersion to be seen to great effect.

Please note that Cerussite has a hardness of just 3.0 to 3.5 on Moh's scale.
This makes faceting difficult and the gem should always be handled and stored with care.

To see a short video of this remarkable gemstone on YouTube, please use this link :

weight:  4.29 carats
shape:   Multi-faceted octagon shape cut (master cut)
dimensions:   7.93 x 6.44 x 5.48 mm
treatment:  None


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Cerussite, colourless faceted, Namibia. 4.29 carats (Video).

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