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An exceedingly rare, pale green Augelite gemstone from the Mundo Nuevo mine, Peru.

Augelite is a rare Aluminium Phosphate mineral with formula: Al2(PO4)(OH)3 and is named after the Greek work "Auge" meaning dawn or morning in allusion to its vitreous to pearly lustre.

Faceted stones of this mineral variety are scarce, due in no small part to its brittle nature, perfect cleavage and hardness of just 4.50-5.00 on Moh's scale.

The stone is well cut and has very good clarity for the species.

weight:  0.76 carat
shape:   Cushion shape cut
dimensions:   7.34 x 4.74 x 3.24 mm
treatment:  None


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Augelite, pale green faceted, Peru. 0.76 carat.

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