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A yellow Anglesite gemstone from Tsumeb, Namibia.

Anglesite is a lead sulphate mineral, chemical composition PbSO4, with the strong dispersion common to lead-based minerals.

This precision cut gem is eye-clean and has a lively appearance.
Please note that it is a more yellow colour than my images show, with only a slightly greenish tint.

The gem comes with an identification report from the Gem and Jewelry Institute (GIT) of Thailand.

A certificate of authenticity issued by GIT (Gem & Jewelry Institute of Thailand) will be provided with this gem.

weight:  7.97 carats
shape:  Square cushion cut
dimensions:   8.87 x 8.86 x 6.80 mm
treatment:  None


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Anglesite, yellow faceted, Namibia. 7.97 carats. ** Certificated **

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