Analcime (Analcite), colourless faceted, Pakistan. 1.03 carats.

Product code: RANA01

Product information

An eye-clean faceted gemstone of Analcime, also known as Analcite, from Skardu, Pakistan.

Analcime is a aluminium-rich tectosilicate mineral with chemical formula NaAlSi2O6·H2O, is a member of the Zeolite group.

It is rarely seen in this transparent form.

It is a gemmologically interesting mineral in that it is usually found as translucent to opaque white pseudocubic crystals and crystallizes in the both the Triclinic and Cubic (Isometric) systems, sometimes in the same crystal, while showing a Biaxial(-) optic character.

At over a carat this fully transparent, faceted example is a good size for this rare species.

weight:  1.03 carats
shape:   Mixed oval cut
dimensions:  8.84 x 6.40 x 3.51 mm
treatment:  None


Technical specifications

Product Code RANA01
Weight 0.025kg


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